Liam’s Great Creature Hunt!


Welcome Friends and Family to Liam’s Great Creature Hunt!  This search was started August 27th, (Liam’s birthday,) in memory of our dear sweet Liam, who loved to play games and most of all, go on ‘creature hunts’ at home and in the hospital.   Liam never tired from searching the halls for dragons, bugs, reptiles, and other hidden creatures or treasures.  It is because of the love he held for the game and his constant enthusiasm in finding the creatures, that we have chosen to continue this family activity of ours, but on a grander scale. J  Brendan, Sophia, and I (Lisette ) would like to invite all who would like to join in the search for Liam’s creatures, to do so!   When Liam was still with us, the four of us would go on Sunday adventures, when we would spend the day outdoors.  Whether it was a small day hike frequenting waterfalls, or going to the coast, Gorge, or mountains,   Liam loved being outside!   Therefore, Brendan, Sophia, and I, in continuing our outdoor adventures, will leave behind in Liam’s stead, ‘creatures’ marked with his name for you, (our friends and family) to find.  We have begun ‘Liam’s Great Creature Hunt’ at Cannon Beach along the Oregon Coast, but rest assured that other locations, brimming with creatures, will not be far behind…  

This is how the search works:


1.      Below, you will find a picture of each hidden ‘creature’ marked with Liam’s name, a picture clue that points you to its hiding spot, and a riddle that helps pinpoint the exact location of each.


2.       If you happen to find one (or more) of the creatures, let us know which one you found, and exactly where you found it, by signing in on our caringbridge guestbook and letting us know.


3.       Help continue the game for others by ‘re-hiding’ the creature.   We only ask that you keep the creature within that location (if cannon beach was where it was found for example, please keep it hidden somewhere in cannon beach, please do not take it to depoe bay, or Lincoln city, etc…) We ask also that you hide the creature in a place that is safe for folks to reach, and away from the ocean, as it could get washed away. 


4.       Email me as soon as you can after re-hiding the creature, at with the name of the creature you ‘re-hid’ and a new clue (photo, written, or both) so that we can update quickly for others who want to search! J


Liam’s bug and dragon hunts always brought a smile to his face- We know he smiles still- We hope our search does the same for you all, we’re confident it will! J Happy Searching Everyone!     ---Brendan, Sophia, Lisette, and ‘Angel’ Liam J


Hidden in Cannon Beach:
Dark Blue Fish

Near the market where Mariners meet

Sit a while to rest your feet

Elephant and donkey on either side

Behind the centrist your prize hide



Turquoise Fish

Where Joyce and Hemmingway collide

No need to venture around the side

The carved wood sign tells the tale

And look behind the boat with sail.




Get your kicks on 101

And fire a 1 gun salute

Look inside the beach’s namesake

And you can find the hidden loot.




Next to where the seashell lies

Stands a marker 10 feet high

That tells the tale of Cannon Beach

It’s to the right and quite in reach.



Hidden in Tolovana:

A sign marks the beach wayside

And this sign bears two sign posts

In the right and on the top

Lays that for which you’ve searched the most.



Treasure Chest

Go to where the children play

Then take a short slip down the slide

And looking at the structure’s stairs

Take a peek at the underside.




Stowed away upon the beach

‘Tween the wheelchair ramp and chowder house

Neath flat stone, almost out of reach

Your prize waits silent as a mouse.

 is dedicated to his memory and to celebrating the joy he has brought to so many.


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